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      Freebies - Silly & Toon Stuff


    To get nearly the whole store for $10, just click here.

    Other toon freebies can be found on the Seasonal, Fan Arts &
    Buildings pages. Scroll down the page for the freebie menu.


    Mr Toastie
    Mr Toastie

    Breakfast with a bad attitude!

    [1.53mb - Click For Download Page]

    Mad Machine: FriskATron

    The ultimate in airline security systems...

    [1.35mb - Click For Download Page]

    Kitty Kat Kitler Katerpillar Kannon
    Kitty Kat Kitler Katerpillar Kannon

    Ever needed to apply a Kitler Katerpillar to your Kitty Katt?

    Well, now you can with the K.K.K.K....

    [1.1mb - Click For Download Page]


    Royal Baby Buggy
    Mad Machine: The Royal Baby Buggy

    When one has a royal sprog, one needs the best that money can buy.

    But for you it's one is giving it gratis.

    [3.43mb - Click For Download Page]


    Mad Machine: ToastEVac

    The eco friendly way to enjoy your toast and get your housework done.

    [780k - Click For Download Page]


    Warped Wheelies
    Warped Wheelies

    Whats automatic..systematic..hydromatic ?
    The warped wheelies of course!

    Boy Racer
    Fire Bingine
    Mescherbin 109
    Paramedic CamBulance

    Also features the Simple Street & Motorway props. Plus theres the "Has Bins", for when even wheelies bins find it all too much :) Including Burnie and the 15 Ton Weight.

    Download [6.71mb .zip]

    Click the thumbnail to view them in action, you won't regret it!


    Naughty Chair Of Doom
    Naughty Chair Of Doom & Prop Head Tutorial

    It's hard work being a politician, banker or CEO. All that running around kicking people out of wheelchairs and making millions in bonuses, can make one tired. But don't worry this comfy seat will help.

    Plus theres a politicans head - sorry only virtual:) - and a simple tutorial (.PDF) for new users showing how to replace Poser heads with prop heads.

    Download [2.23mb .zip]


    Mighty Pen
    Mighty Pen

    Whats mighter than a sword, what else but a pen!

    As well as getting a bruiser of a biro, your freebie also comes with a knocked out sword and spinny stars.

    Download [807k .zip]


    Bad Valentines
    Terrible Toons: Bad Valentines

    2 slighlty tasteless, but very silly, cartoon heart models in static Poser prop (.PP2) Format.

    Theres Heart Attack - a really crazy one with axe and knife. Plus Heart Failure - one thats had too much.

    Please note these are purely fun items, if you feel really down contact the Samaritians

    Download [0.99mb .zip]


    Silly Signs
    Silly Signs #1

    Bad town signs is a Poser prop representing the entrance to Hell. Aka the A259 into Bognor, or more whats more commonly called Satans bottom, after he's eaten a really bad vindaloo.

    Download [871k .zip]


    Bad Prawn
    Bad Prawn

    Inspired by Ron Liesman's cartoons and way too much caffiene. From the genus "cameronrobuspoorus", Pete comes completely tooled up with bovver boots, a shooter, knife, club and broken wine bottle. 6 Models included.

    Download [3.1mb .zip]


    screal killer
    Scereal Killer

    Q. What do you call a cornflake hating teddy bear armed with a chainsaw?

    A. Why a Cereal Killer of course! :)

    Created as an extra fun bonus for the 2013 DSA January Contest: Scream, this freebie can now be downloaded direct from here. Goodies as per the big picture (sans bear) plus the really usefull FakeLightFloor prop.

    Download [2.73mb .zip]


    Smiley Sun

    Nothing deep or profound here, it's a very large happy smiling cartoon sun prop - so smile and enjoy it!

    Download [773k .zip]



    Raise a smile with this small, but fun Poser prop.

    Download [762k .zip]


    Toon Boat
    Toon Boat

    A fun cartoon style boat (PP2 poser prop) for your scenes. Includes 1 texture set (1024x1024 maps) and templates.

    Thanks to France for suggesting this model!

    Download [1.15mb .zip]


    Toon Castle
    Sparkys Spooky Toon Castle

    A small fun 'toon style castle in 2 blood curdling flavours. Stone and cardboard (thanks to France for that idea!). Poser PP2 format. Designed for use as a back ground prop. 512x512 mapping.

    Download [1.47mb .zip]


    Cracked Eggs
    Cracked Eggs

    This totally silly pack contains...

    Eggsyanna Jones
    Neil Eggstrong
    King Eggward
    Skin Egg
    John Leggon & YolkoOno

    Theres also an "ExplodeEggED" busted egg and these fun accessories, which are suitable for use with other toon figures

    Eggsterestial Space helmet
    Royal Crown
    Eggxplorers Belt
    Yolko Ono Hair
    John Leggon Glasses

    Plus texture templates for creating your own egg people.

    Download [3.63mb .zip]



    8 fun little critters made with Sculptris. These are NOT poser ready models, but mapped OBJs. The idea is you import, add colourful shaders, postwork some eyes and have some creative silly fun!

    Download [8.9mb .zip]


    Giggle Grenade

    Heres a blast from the past! From RedNose Day 2011 the Giggle Grenade, and it's not exactly what it seems :)

    The freebie download is below. For details on how many Poser people helped a great cause and to see a video of the grenade in action, click on the page link.

    Download - 2.85mb - zip
    View - RedNose Page


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