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Update July 5th 2014

The erstwhile seachnasaigh over at r'oisty has kindly made everyone a little freebie. A lovely little glowing kitty prop - for both P8 and P9 format.

[Download - 2.15mb .ZIP]

The download contains his prop plus his screenshots for reference. For more information, and any questions, please follow the thread at:

Renderosity's Poser Forum


Heres another example of how easily you can do this stuff...scroll down for how.

LightPlay - Scary Dude



Basic gist here is I had an idea for a cool abstract photo, to be taken in a famous art gallery. However when trying it the practicalities, like loads of people being about, lighting etc made it tricky to do. Not impossible, but got me thinking and lead to two things..

What if the idea was transposed from the real world to a virtual environment using similar construction and photographic techniques?

What else could be used to make shapes so I can play with light? Mostly without spending too much money, in fact most of the stuff used here came from pound-stores :)

For both sides of this, one of the main things is that I hope other artists & photographers will be willing to contribute some ideas, tips and suggestions. Obviously full credit will be given.

BTW - Credit where due. Not all the ideas here are mine, some are light painting staples, some are adaptations of other peoples work, others are friend's ideas and some where pure luck.



This part explores a variety of real world stuff. From how to make light shapes and supports from EL Wire & LEDS, tips on taking your shots and loads more....

LightPlay - Reality

[Download - 793k - Zipped .PDF]



This side of it is all about the 3d ....Plus the zip contains some poser models of shapes and a basic gallery to get you started.

Note: These are standard poser models and will work fine if you just want some general freebies and not do the lighty stuff:)

LightPlay - 3D

[Download - 1.2mb - Zipped .PDF & Poser Files]


Update June 28th 2014

LightPlay - Mask Tutorial Image

OK, heres how the big green scary dude was made. Only bought parts where a pirate mask and LED lights from a pound store. Rest was some household junk including a pizza box seperator :)

LightPlay - Mask Tutorial Image

..stick him all together with loads of glue, tape and sticky pads, slap some paper machie over the top, paint him up using household paint sample pots. Yep that simple, incredibly cheap and great fun!