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      About the site


    PoserDirect has been designed and created by MrSparky. The artist behind Sparkyworld (a popular site for 3d freebies), designer/creator of some of the content included with Smith Micro's Poser 6, 7 & 8 and one of the original co-founders of Vanishing Point.

    The primary purpose of PoserDirect is to sell 3D models and Stock Photography at affordable prices to home based digital artists.These artists typically use software such as Poser, Daz Studio, Carrara or similar apps, rather than high end application.

    It also showcases some of the other commerical/artistic projects that I've created or collabrated on, and the work of few other selected artists.

    As many small businesses know well, the biggest barrier to starting up is a total lack of support from banks and the government. Fortunately the University of Chichester recognises the need for innovativation, and was able provide links to the organisations shown below. Who, along with friends, family and some other great people helped with start-up funding, advice and support, and the site started in late 2009.

    Obviously over 5 years of operation, things have changed, But somethings havn't. Theres a strong trend of working with other artists and providing a highly friendly and more personal service. One that reflects my feeling that 3d art should be fun. Oh and my spelling hasn't got any better either!

    University of Chichester
    Capitalise Business Support
    University of Chichester
    Capitalise Business Support
    Sussex Enterprise
    Sussex Enterprise - Business Link

    Ready To Start
    Ready To Start


    About Mr Sparky


    Mr Sparky is currently a full time carer, though has worked in a wide variety of technical and artistic roles, including those shown below (roughly in date order). I still try to create stuff where time permits though this now mostly tends to be either free items or fixing products for other artists.


  • Graphic Designer

  • Primarily producing printed materials, such as posters, newsletters and reprographic services to community groups. This role also entailed video work and providing IT training to youth leaders. Plus running a roaming computer art project for non city based teenagers, such as those in rural areas and army bases.


  • Arts & Craft Worker

  • Starting as a volunteer for a mobile play charity doing the usual arty stuff with kids, became vice-chair with a responsibilty for helping raise finance. Later organised and ran Summer Children’s Play schemes for a local council at an Arts centre.


  • Photographer

  • Used to work freelance for alternative publications, often specialising in counter culture and demonstrations. Now subjects are more event based, such as local shows & news, with a very strong interest in aviation photography.


  • PC/IT Stuff

  • Running 2 computer shops and also as independent. Including system builds, virus/trojan removals and techie support to customers. Also has good working practical knowledge of many applications, with an particular emphasis on digital imaging and media.


  • Web Designer

  • Working freelance and also with local companies, produced a extensive portfolio of websites for a diverse selection of clients. A variety of examples can seen in the Website Design section on this site.


  • 3D Model Maker

  • Until becoming a carer this was the most recent position. The technical side involves designing, making, mapping and texturing a diverse collection of 3D models. Many of which can be seen on this site, either as freebies or products. Plus I've also made stuff for other people to sell at Daz and Rendo under their own names.

    The businessy side of things involves stuff like customer service, marketing and general all round admin.


    As well as these roles, I've also worked as soap box packer and chicory sh*t cleaner!


  • Academic Qualifactions

  • BA (Hons) - IT Management For Business

  • BTeC Higher National Diploma - Computing
  • BTeC Higher National Certicate - Computing
  • BTeC Website management and Multimedia & Internet - Both distinctions.

  • City & Guilds 934 - Social & Documentary Photography

  • Open University (5 Modules most at ACT Level 2)

  • Cambridge Information Technology

  • A level Art
  • O level Art
  • O Level 3d Design (Ceramics)

  • EDCL
  • Clait/OCR

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