The Website: With support from the University of Chichester and Sussex Enterprise. Financial help from the Enham Trust, Leonard Cheshire and the Lets Do Business Group, PoserDirect went live in 2008. Somehow managing to survive until 2018, when I made the decision to close the site. I'll be blunt here, the last year has been beyond sh*t. The death of a close family member. Within weeks having to watch someone trying to remove themselves from humanity. Then spending the summer while another person kept trying to remove the residents of our block from humanity. I also found it's a truism, that at times like this, you start to explore what's important. You ask what brings value to your life and to others. At that time the site wasn't giving that, nor was I giving the site the time it needed. In short, 2018 hit hard and I made a choice that I now regret. Mostly because PoserDirect was rarely about business, or worrying about when life turns brown. Itís been about creating and celebrating the silly and the stupid. Itís Robot Santaís and splurge guns, not spreadsheets. Itís for the many artists who want something unique or fun, like their own creations. That's especially important as the Poser/3D world is very different from when I started 3Díing back in Ď97. Itís telling that out of all sites on the original links page only a few of the fan sites now remain. Hence the question became: How to create a site thatís affordable to run, yet retain, or even improve, on what the site is about? Part of the answer came from contributions made during the closing down sale. Which allowed a community art event to be created and another is happening early 2019. Talking to other artists also highlighted other more technical needs. So I decided to go "Back to Basics". Slimming the site down to the essentials, which in turn has reduced hosting costs and will cut down maintenance time. Itís been totally rebuilt (using a lot of CSS) from scratch giving improved navigation and usability. Another core change is the closure of the store. Instead all the old products (over 130) now live in the Support-O-Bundle. Itís a simple idea. You get over 130 products for $5, after rewarding artists (not myself) anything left will go towards the creation of more art events.
Thank You: Big thanks must go to: Vanishing Point & Fantasy Attic and to all the artists who gave their support during the difficult times.
The Artist: As well as this site, Iíve also created Sparkyworld and was one of the original co-founders of Vanishing Point. Often along with other creators, Iíve also been responsible for creating a massive variety of content. Including: freebies, products, commissioned pieces, collaborative projects, experimental concepts, and contributions to Smith Micro's Poser 6, 7 & 8. Iíve also worked in a wide variety of technical and artistic roles, including:
  • Graphic Designer
  • Arts & Craft Worker
  • Photographer
  • IT Techie
  • Web Designer
  • Oh and I've also had "proper" jobs such as Builders Labourer, Farm Worker, Soap Box Packer and Chicory Sh*t Cleaner. Or the current role of Carer. Plus, when I'm allowed to play with books that don't need colouring in, I've learnt all this stuff...
  • BA (Hons) - IT Management For Business
  • BTeC Higher National Diploma - Computing
  • BTeC Higher National Certicate - Computing
  • BTeC Website Management and Multimedia & Internet - Both distinctions.
  • City & Guilds 934 - Social & Documentary Photography
  • Open University (5 Modules most at ACT Level 2)
  • Cambridge Information Technology
  • A level Art
  • O level Art
  • O Level 3d Design (Ceramics)
  • EDCL
  • Clait/OCR

  • One cow asks another cow, "Are you afraid of mad cow disease?" The other cow says, "Why should I be? Iím a helicopter"