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      Freebies - Everyday & Misc


    Swat Gear
    SWAT Gear

    1 Door Entry Ram - which British cops call ...
    "The Big Red Key".

    1 Protective Riot Shield in 2 flavours. SWAT and Police.

    [883k - Click For Download Page]


    Useful Things #1 Shredder

    A home/office desktop shredder complete with modelled "paper jam", wire and plug. The "jam" can be removed, shredder is movable and the plug & wire hidden.

    Download [1.24mb .zip]


    Expo Stands
    Expo Stands & Advertising Stuff

    Contains the typical type of small stands you'd find at exhibitions. Plus some thingys like banners and boards you'd see in shopping malls, airports and on the high street.

    Download [1.26mb .zip]


    Deck Chair Freebie & Something Cool
    Deckchair & Beach Stuff

    As well as the deckchair model, this download now contains a whole load of beach stuff.

    [2.26MB - Download Page]



    Very simple catwalk model made for Blackbirdx61 in his thread over at R'osity. All the details are on the download page.

    [305K - Click For Download Page]


    Toppa Cards
    Toppa Cards

    A small poser homage to the classic British kid's card game of the 1970/80's "Top Trumps". You can take the lid off, deal the 22 cards and actually play the game!

    [3.30MB - Download Page]


    The Big One
    The Big One

    Inspired by an image posted by RTC-Spanky in a 3d forum, heres an incredibly detailed poser model of an old computer. All the dials and knobs have been modelled so this model is perfect for close up shots.

    [4.29MB - Click For Download Page]


    Retro Super Computer
    Retro Super Computer

    Once upon a time, in a era before apps, everything had it's place. Where men in white coats earnstly smoked pipes and nerds where safely locked up in garages. Lived ... the Super Computer..

    [1.40MB - Click For Download Page]



    Inspired by the title sequence of movies made by the Rank Organisation. Heres a big gong, with 2 textures, templates, M3 starter pose and gong-donger.

    Download [847k .zip]


    Bank Cards
    Bank Cards

    Here's some bank cards for Mike and Viki. .PP2 format, with modelled embossed lettering, .BMP textures, template. Plus if you make models theres also an extra non-embossed free resource card mesh.

    Download [2.69mb .zip]


    Silly Police Riot Gear
    Exceedingly Silly Police Riot Gear

    Control 99% of your poser people with this handy riot gear pack, including the CoppaHoppa, Beer Sprayer, Helmet, BB Launcher and Happy Gas cans. Also includes a classic 1960's style orange hoppa texture.

    Download [2.79mb .zip]

    To see the model in all it's silliness, click the little piccy.



    The ModAxe is a very silly weapon designed primarily for forum crowd control. It comes in 2 flavours, clean and dirty.

    Download [1.38mb .zip]



    A detailed vending machine (from the forthcoming Ruined City 2 product) in 3 flavours. Clean, Busted and Busted V2. Plus bonus HHG2G "Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser" texture set, which is unique to this version.

    Please view the large image to see the options in this set.

    Download [2.89mb .zip]


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