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Latest Freebies

TT-8 Droid TT-8

Are you a wannabe dictator?
Do you want to have more time for the fun stuff in life?

Then outsource your evilness with your own despotic droid. Created by SparkyTron Industries, this sphere of sleaze comes with loads of useful features, including...

[Discover more & download]


Dina... Dina... BugMan! Dina... Dina... BugMan!

Budge over Batbloke.. shift over SpideyGuy... theres a new SuperHero in town ..Well his car!

Yep thats right inspired by the 60's TV series Batman, here's the worlds 1st BatMobile for Chihuahuas.

Avaliable as both a real world model for dogs and a 3D poser prop.

[Download Page]


Sparkys Shower System Sparkys Shower System

It's hard work being an international jetsetter, so keep yourself germ free and happy with this handy set.

[969k - Click For Download Page]


Seasonal Sci-Fi Santa Scooter Seasonal Sci-Fi Freebie

The slightly delayed 2016 Christmas/New Year Freebie, the Santa Scooter.

It's not just for xmas either, this model is suitable for all year round use and comes with a seperate hoverboard version.

Minor pathing issue now fixed - please re-download. Thanks to Terry for letting me know.

[1.21mb - Click For Download Page]


2016 - Furniture For Humans

The Buffer Box


Custom Airing Cupboard Stand


Train for Xmas Tree with Stand & Self Contained Storage



I was fortunate enough to be able get involved with making props, and taking photographs, for a community production of Cyrano that was performed at the medieval market place at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

Discover more...


2016 - Furniture For Furrys

Run (for our 3 legged cat) under construction.


TCAS - Teacup Chihuahua Access System


Hamster SuperMax


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Comcast, Hotmail & RR.com Users
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