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  BDU - G2 Females


BDU - G2 Females

Created by: MrSparky
File Size: 10.8
Format: Poser

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) is the name of the military uniform that the armed forces of the United States have used as their standard uniform for combat situations since September 1981.

These uniforms are called battle dress uniforms, because they are intended for use during `battles`, as opposed to `garrison` dress uniforms worn at parades and functions.

Battle Dress Uniforms do not have a specific recognizable style; they may be either plain colored or in many different patterns of camouflage colors. Although one would expect that any standard uniform designed for use during combat would be called a Battle Dress Uniform, particular newer designs of uniform, such as the Army Combat Uniform are said to "replace" the Battle Dress Uniform, suggesting that only uniforms designed somewhere around the 1980s are called Battle Dress Uniforms.

This is a set of conforming clothing and consists of a BDU style uniform (top and bottom), a T-shirt, tank top and Boots. The clothing has many morphs to adjust the fit. The arms of the jacket can be altered to look torn or short sleeved using the MAT poses. There are six different textures for the BDU top and bottom, and three different textures for the boots, and two textures for the T-Shirt, with MAT files for applying these. the boots, and two textures for the T-Shirt, with MAT files for applying these.

This version of the BDU military clothing is designed for all of your G2 female characters, including: G2 Jessi, Sydney and Olivia.


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BDU - G2 Females BDU - G2 Females BDU - G2 Females


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