Cyrano at the Weald & Downland Museum - 2016

Designed by Berthe Fortin, music by Michael Simmonds and directed by Stephen Israel from The Company. This outside performance of Cyrano was performed at the medieval market place at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

As well as featuring profesional actors, the production also included actors from the Chichester Festival Theatre Youth Theatre, with props made by volunteers from the Pallant House Gallery Community.


Dress Rehearsal

Public Performance


Below are some of the things that I was lucky enough to be able to help out on.

Wooden Swords

The production company supplied wood sword 'blades', which we attached melaine bowls to and painted.

"Burnt Out" Fire

The producers made this from wood, chicken wire and bits of poundstore pipe lagging, which we covered in Modroc.

Cup Cake Stand
My contribution to the play, made mostly
with scrap wood, plus some assorted plastic junk.
Cup Cake Stand Arms
A holesaw was used on 6mm marine ply and the arms cut out with a jigsaw.


Please Note: I'm not affliated with the above organisations in any professional form. Just a volunteer. .


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