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  Dino Truck


Dino Truck

Created by: MrSparky
File Size: 28.8mb
Format: Poser

The dino truck is an original design based on a sketch by MrSparky.

The Moltron DT950 is a MPRRHH (Multi Purpose Really Really Huge Heavy Sci-Fi Tracked Vehicle) that can be used in a wide variety of roles. From: planetary fire laser mining, ore processing, fighting, peace keeping duties, forestry and food processing.

This product contains: 1 highly detailed Dino Truck figure. The body of the main model includes opening side and rear doors, working spotlights, movable front ramp and dials for core neck and head functions. The interior of the model contains cogs and mechanical things to crush stuff with.

The neck and main cockpit has a full range of movement, all controllable by logically named dials with limits.

The cockpit with working canopy is full of highly detailed modelled knobs and switches giving great play value for kids of all ages!

Furthermore this product comes complete with a comprehensive selection of accessories, each with matching textures. This collection of parented props , MAT and show/hide and placement poses includes...

1 standalone version of the cockpit, this model makes for a great little spaceship for those away missions or as a star fighter to defend you mining operations against dastardly space pirates.

1 base head for placing the accessories on, these include a cherry picker, and a special head seat. Under the head set you can place other cool things such as set of manipulator arms, big gun and fire fighting head.

Other accessories for the main body include a rear conveyor belt, side pipes, 2 types of tank, 3 winches and warning light poles.

There’s also a trailer figure, with matching colour schemes and a variety of dials allowing the wheels to be moved, turned, adjusted and the doors to be opened.

Plus theres more, the model comes with 4 texture schemes, Army, Fire Rescue, Grey/Blue and Yellow, in both high and low resolution versions. Extra care has been taken with the mapping so you can easily adjust such things as the opacity levels within your favourite application, for example to make flashing lights in Vue.

Oh, and theres a free full colour mannual in .PDF format, which explains how to use every feature and accessory on the model.

Also don't forget the freebie add-on pack which contains a set of ladders by Kastaway, optimised MAT poses for Daz studio courtesy of phoenixking and a remote control unit by MrSparky.

Finally a big thanks to the following artists for contributing ideas, testing and feedback during the 6 month development of the model.

elfguy, FWHS Designs, DWG, Bad Penguin, lesgraham, Carioca-BR, Fire Angel, Gary_P, Robert Freise, phoenixking, Claw, Elowan, AroK and Norse Graphics.

Special thanks must go to Lycanthropex for some promos, phoenixking for the Daz studio stuff and most importantly Kastaway, for making ladders, writing custom PERL software and rigging.


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Additional Product Images:

Dino Truck Dino Truck Dino Truck


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Licencing Terms:
Standard store licence. A copy can be found here.