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      Freebies & Product Addons


    PoserDirect is closing down on October 19th and we're having one final fire sale.

    So if you want over 130 Poser Models (plus 80 of these in Vue Format),
    and some mystery stuff, just tickle the link below ...

    $5 For The Entire Store - Closing Down Sale


    The 2017-2018 Xmas Freebie Super [Seasonal] SteamPunk Shooter

    For well over 10 years the professional idiot behind Sparkyworld & PoserDirect has had an tradition of giving out a free 3D goodie around the xmas period. So despite a slight delay caused by a Christmas Lurgie, here's the 2017/2018 freebie....

    [4.2 mb - Click For Download Page]


    Mutoscope Digital Mutoscope

    See what the Butler saw ... as well as a free 3D download, in Poser & Studio formats, this is also a fully working real world machine....

    [3mb - Click For Download Page]


    Castle Walls Castle Walls

    With unique and random modelled bricks/rocks on each part. Also features a simple and quick texturing concept.

    [3.2mb - Click For Download Page]


    Ruined City 2: Sci-Fi - The Accessory Pack Ruined City 2: Sci-Fi - The Accessory Pack

    Alien SuperLoo, Food Cart, Burnt Plane Fuselage, Subway Station, Payphones, Billboards and..

    [16.8mb - Click For Download Page]


    TT-8 TT-8

    Are you a wannabe dictator? Do you want to have more time for the fun stuff in life?

    Then outsource your evilness with your own despotic droid. Created by SparkyTron Industries, this sphere of sleaze comes with loads of useful features, including...

    [6mb - Click For Download Page]


    Dina... Dina... BugMan BugMobile

    Budge over Batbloke.. shift over SpideyGuy... theres a new SuperHero in town ..Well his car!

    Yep thats right inspired by the 60's TV series Batman, here's the worlds 1st BatMobile for Chihuahuas. Avaliable as a real world model (Card) and a 3d computer model (Poser/OBJ)

    [1.44mb - Click For Download Page]


    Sparkys Shower System Sparkys Shower System

    It's hard work being an international jetsetter, so keep yourself germ free and happy with this handy set of bucket (with holes) and bed.

    Please note you'll need to supply your own tissues and liquids.

    [969k - Click For Download Page]


    Sparkys Seasonal Sci-Fi Santa Scooter Sparkys Seasonal Sci-Fi Freebie

    The slightly delayed 2016 Christmas/New Year Freebie, the Santa Scooter.

    It's not just for xmas either, this model is suitable for all year round use and comes with a seperate hoverboard version.

    [1.21mb - Click For Download Page]


    Toon Spider
    Toon Spider

    This one climbed up a water spout and refused to come out until he'd had his mince pies, but despite the wait, he's still great fun for your toon scenes.

    [900k - Click For Download Page]


    Modelling Guide
    Modelling Handbook

    A 12 Page A4 booklet created for a Art Gallery workshop. This briefly covers 3D to 2D conversion as well as featuring loads of ideas and traditional modelling tips.

    [2.50mb - Click For Download Page]


    Kitchen Stuff
    Kitchen Stuff

    A perfect side dish for the Sallys's Kitchen Set, heres a toaster, sandwich toaster and foodmixer.

    Served up in poser prop format and while the Set isn't required for this freebie, it'll make your goodies taste much more sweeter....

    [1.52mb - Click For Download Page]


    SteamPunk Googles
    SteamPunk Googles

    Perfect for your steampunk aviators, a rather nifty pair of highly detailed googles. Well shiny!

    [707K - Click For Download Page]


    Forum ToolKit
    Forum ToolKit

    It's darn hard work being a professional forumite, so to make sure those uneducated plebs recognise your greatness I've created some new hardware to help you.

    [2.20mb - Click For Download Page]


    Cop Spy Tower
    Police Surveillance Tower

    State spying?
    Public Protection?
    A quiet place to eat doughnuts?

    You decide with this model inspired by the towers seen in New York and other US cities.

    [1.65mb - Click For Download Page]

    Updated - Now a fully working figure!

    SteamPunk StageCoach

    An amazingly detailed steampunk poser model with a cool twist! This one is inspired by a fully working replica of Richard Trevthick's 1803 London Steam Carriage, as displayed at the Goodwood...

    [1.95mb - Click For Download Page]


    A little bit of toon naughtyness...for grownups only.

    [670K - Click For Download Page]

    Toilet Racer
    Toilet Racer

    Busting for the Bog?

    [0.98MB - Click For Download Page]

    SteamPunk Computer
    SteamPunk Computer - Red Tape Generator

    A highly detailed model of a steampunk computer with easily edited labels that turn it into a Fun Red Tape Generator. Comes in 5 parts... One large computer and 4 seperate units.

    [3.69mb - Click For Download Page]


    Factory Unit
    Factory Unit

    A small factory unit as found on most industrial estates. Has opening/closing small front door, working roller-door show/hide poses for the footpath area, and easily changeable signage.

    Vehicles and bloke not included.

    [2.67mb - Click For Download Page]


    Super Lady Danbo
    Super Lady Danbo

    The most acurate female figure ever...kind off..well actually not really.

    However it's still free and great fun!

    [2.26mb - Click For Download Page]


    Toon Train
    Toon Train

    My biggest ever freebie release to date is a complete toon train set with a train, rolling stock and a massive variety of accessories.

    In fact just over 30 parts, so this model has it's own unique page, where you can see everything in the set and download it.

    [11.2mb - Download page]


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