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  The Ideas Bank


The new page is here to showcase some of the things I've designed. But sometimes hasn't been implemented in the real world because of cost.


Poser Holograms

Click the image for a larger view.


Video Rooms

Note: The demo you can see here is a working "proof of concept" test piece, not the final polished version. On the finished piece a better monitor will be used and higher quailty video added.

The screen covering will be either a hi-res photo or a professionally made model constructed from fire-safe wood or plastic. The rear of the covering will have insets to give depth and be painted black to reduce light spillage in the display case.

Click the image for a larger photo, also have you noticed the 3d glasses next to the player? It's possible to convert a video to anaglyphic 3d and then save as MPG2 which runs on the players perfectly.

Plus it doesn't have to be a house, or use square shapes either, it can be any shape thats required. Also the "video windows" can change over the seasons by using the ability of the player to run events at defined times.

  How it works:

For each "window" a video clip is created, either filmed, or made in Poser.

Then a video editor with a Picture-in-Picture feature is used to scale and move the clips into the desired place, leaving the rest of the screen black.

The videos are added to the player and buttons defined, so the visitor can select a "room". Audio is provided via the standard earpieces as found on the existing display cabinets.

Demo video download:
[MPG-2 Format 22.7mb .zipped]


Animated Illustrations

How this works is simple. An illustration from a book, commissioned renders or drawings, is scanned or photgraphed. Scaled to 720x576 - the resolution of the V300 players - this image is imported as a background within poser. The important bit is to make this image look an everyday open book.

  An poser scene is then created, scaled and moved to the area where it needs to play. Next that's animated and rendered.

On the displays what happens is when the visitor presses a button, the video will then appear to play on the "paper".

A similar thing can be done within a video editor. The photo is imported as a background and the picture-within-picture employed used to scale and define the video placement. So for example if you had a photo with a TV, you could place videos images on that TV screen.


Coming one day :)

The realtime 3d Xray Machine & Cat Boredom Buster.