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  • Videos


    Another of my interests is video, and over time this page will feature some of the stuff I've created or events shot. Plus they'll also be some work by other video artists. All YouTube videos open in a new window.

    New video by Zero Gravity has been added to his bit


    HMS Warrior 2013

    Created using a Samsung F90 in timelapse using a Muvi X-Lapse camera Rotator.

    Camera is meant to be MP4 Full HD, though video appears to image stitched.

    YouTube - 14 seconds

    Snow Timelapse

    Over 2 1/2 hours of snow falling in 27 seconds. Sony a200, 1 frame every 1 minute, made with JPG2Video. No audio.

    Camera movement caused by unhappy cat with cold paws!

    YouTube - 27 Seconds

    HMS Warrior

    Another timelapse, HMS Warrior in Portsmouth Harbour. Created using a Sony a200, 1 frame every 5 seconds, and compiled using JPG2Video. No audio.

    Note: Download version is optimised MPG2 for DigiView Media Players. YouTube clip is standard.

    Download - 70mb.zip

    YouTube - 3.51 minutes


    Chichester Walls LightShow

    This is a recording of the live 2012 public event created by CDC for the City Wall Anniversary.

    Flip Mino HD on tripod - night-time recording.

    YouTube - 10.41 minutes


    Zero Gravity

    Zero Gravity's main mission is to produce films that explores the many aspects of the human condition.

    As well as the important stuff, films that raise awareness of important social issues, these folks also produce fun videos such as "Remembering The 70's", which features 3d content from here.

    Main Site

    YouTube (Various Lengths)

    Low Earth Orbit: Night Shift (YouTube)

    NEW Video (as shown on right):
    Daily Routine(YouTube)


    The PoserDirect TV Commerical

    Created by Gravitywell Productions. This video was shown on the American PBS network, in between the short films made a very talented bunch of film makers.


    View Onsite - Flash Animation


    Snow Blob

    Think you can tell I like timelapse :). So here's another one, a rough and ready, but very silly timelapse of a snowblob monster being born!

    Sonya200, randomly shot and JPG2Video. No audio.

    YouTube - 8 Seconds