3D Freebies : Guest Artists

All models are in Poser format (with external .OBJ's) and bitmap (.JPG) based textures.
They can be used within Poser, Studio, Vue or any software - ie: Max, Zbrush, Lightwave etc - that can import .OBJ.s.
All .zip files have paths for easy installation and a readme file with full instructions and useage.

  Utopian Maelstrom By Wayii, Utopian Maelstrom is a complete texture companion for Prae's M4 Maelstrom outfit. This freebie will NOT work without it and is NOT included.

  Ronin Fuji By Wayii, Ronin Fuji is a complete texture companion for ElorOnceDark's Immortal Ronin for M4. This freebie will NOT work without it and is NOT included.

  SpacyZZ Supernova By Wayii, SpacyZZ Supernova for arth's SpacyZZ One clothing set. This freebie will NOT work without it and is NOT included.

  FemaRox By Wayii, for arth's SpacyZZ One clothing set. This freebie will NOT work without it and is NOT included.

  Anime Girl - Kirsten Created by Chris Schell, this cool free figure has been influenced by many classic artists and movies. The fully posable figure comes with so many features it's hard to list them all, but for starters, you'll get.. 6 Body Shaping Morphs 2 Limb Shaping Morphs 9 Head Shaping Morphs 2 Eye Morphs 9 Facial Expression Morphs 4 Alternate Skin textures & Mat Poses 8 Alternate Eye textures & Mat Poses 2 Conforming Hair Styles with 2 Alternate Textures each 6 Alternate Toon-style Hair Mat Poses Plus theres a free set of Conforming Clothes. A Sports Top and Shorts and Running Shoes with morphs and textures.

  P9 Lighting Collection Another guest freebie, this time from seachnasaigh and it's a great bunch of lighting stuff for Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012. Includes a laserbeam & light-sabre props, and a lighting system for VP's Viper MkII model. Plus a Sci-Fi demo panel and a text crawler sign (like those in shops) for anyone who wants to learn more about using the new lighting techniques in P9/PP2012.

  Ruins Sci-fi Scene Here's an nice and very unique freebie by the Canadian artist, Chris Schell. The download is located on his site, Schell's Armour Works, which is a great place to find some unique sci-fi stuff.

  Busted Vehicle Addons Created by Kastaway, here are some "bolt-ons" for which allows an artist to add damage, deform or spherise, MrSparky's Heavy Duty Sci-fi truck, Overlander and Cog Bike freebie and VP's C55 aircraft. This zip does NOT contain the original models or any external OBJ's.
You'll need to install the freebie/products before using this.
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  GunHed Unit 507 A guest freebie by Chris Schell. Based upon on the movie GunHed (Ganheddo), heres a highly detailed transformable Tank/Walker packed with weapons and stacks of working detail.

  Reflective Safety Stripes Created by Thalek, this is a set of Reflective safety stripes for the M3 & V3 jumpsuits (former products that are EDIT EDIT

It uses BagginsBill "lame" shader with modifications by EnglishBob.

Poser 6 and Higher only.

  Ambulance - Dutch Textures Created by Safeunderdark, here is a Dutch texture set for the Ambulance model. Contains only textures, no models.

  Ambulance- Belgian Textures 7 Belgian textures by DarthJ.

  Ambulance - Scottish & English Textures More textures by DarthJ!

  Ambulance Station Made by DarthJ, a base for your emergency vehicles.

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