3D Freebies : Steampunk

All models are in Poser format (with external .OBJ's) and bitmap (.JPG) based textures.
They can be used within Poser, Studio, Vue or any software - ie: Max, Zbrush, Lightwave etc - that can import .OBJ.s.
All .zip files have paths for easy installation and a readme file with full instructions and useage.

  SteamPunk Computer - Red Tape Generator A highly detailed model of a steampunk computer with easily edited labels that turn it into a Fun Red Tape Generator. Comes in 5 parts...

  SteamPunk Googles Perfect for your steampunk aviators, a rather nifty pair of highly detailed googles. Well shiny!

  SteamPunk StageCoach This one is inspired by a fully working replica of Richard Trevthick's 1803 London Steam Carriage, as displayed at the Goodwood...

  Retro Super Computer Once upon a time, in a era before apps, everything had it's place. Where men in white coats earnstly smoked pipes and nerds where safely locked up in garages. Lived ... the Super Computer..

Is Heavy Metal a robots favorite type of music?