3D Freebies : Mad Machines

All models are in Poser format (with external .OBJ's) and bitmap (.JPG) based textures.
They can be used within Poser, Studio, Vue or any software - ie: Max, Zbrush, Lightwave etc - that can import .OBJ.s.
All .zip files have paths for easy installation and a readme file with full instructions and useage.

  Digital Mutoscope See what the Butler saw ... as well as a free 3D download, in Poser & Studio formats, this is also a fully working real world machine....

  Quantitative Easing Machine Inspired by a well known childhood board game, and watching too many Tom and Jerry cartoons, you can now solve the worlds economic problem with this easy to use machine.
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  Royal Baby Buggy When one has a royal sprog, one needs the best that money can buy. But for you it's one is giving it gratis.
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  ToastEVac The eco friendly way to enjoy your toast and get your housework done.

  The Big One Inspired by an image posted by RTC-Spanky in a 3d forum, heres an incredibly detailed poser model of an old computer. All the dials and knobs have been modelled so this model is perfect for close up shots.

  FriskATron The ultimate in airline security systems, static Poser prop, really bored TSA screener not included.

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  Forum Tool Kit It's darn hard work being a professional forumite, so to make sure those uneducated plebs recognise your greatness I've created some new hardware to help you.

My dog was barking at everyone the other day. Still, what can you expect from a cross-breed