3D Freebies : Everyday

All models are in Poser format (with external .OBJ's) and bitmap (.JPG) based textures.
They can be used within Poser, Studio, Vue or any software - ie: Max, Zbrush, Lightwave etc - that can import .OBJ.s.
All .zip files have paths for easy installation and a readme file with full instructions and useage.

  Kitchen Stuff A perfect side dish for the Sallys's Kitchen Set, a toaster, sandwich toaster and foodmixer. Served up in poser prop format and while the Set isn't required for this freebie, it'll make your goodies taste much more sweeter....

  Shredder A home/office desktop shredder complete with modelled "paper jam", wire and plug. The "jam" can be removed, shredder is movable and the plug & wire hidden.
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  Police Surveillance Tower State spying? Public Protection? A quiet place to eat doughnuts?
You decide with this freebie inspired by the towers seen in New York and other US cities.

  SWAT Gear 1 Door Entry Ram - which British cops call "The Big Red Key".
1 Protective Riot Shield in 2 flavours. SWAT and Police.
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  Expo Stands & Advertising Stuff Contains the typical type of small stands you'd find at exhibitions. Plus some thingys like banners and boards you'd see in shopping malls, airports and on the high street.
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  Toppa Card A small poser shaped homage to the classic British kid's card game of the 1970/80's "Top Trumps". You can take the lid off, deal the 22 cards and actually play the game!
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  Bank Cards Here's some bank cards for Mike and Viki. .PP2 format, with modelled embossed lettering, .BMP textures, template. Plus if you make models theres also an extra non-embossed free resource card mesh.
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  Vendo A detailed vending machine in 3 flavours. Clean, Busted and Busted V2. Plus bonus HHG2G "Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser" texture set.
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How do chickens dance? Chick to chick.