3 Toon Style Buildings

Orginally the 2014 seasonal freebie. Which this year for your artistic delication is a set of 3 toon style buildings for both your 3d and real world scenes. The 3d ones are poser props which you can simply load, play with and render.
The real world ones are simple to use templates in .PDF format with a whole bunch of instructions, hints and tips within the readme file. Which, if used with a few extra cheap modelling bits, can be adapted or made into something really fun and cool, such as the Xmas-tree stand you can see here.

BTW - Trivia Time: The Name BO Peep on the signal box isn't a mistake, theres actually a real one here in the UK with that name on it. Which can be found just outside West St Leonards station in Sussex.

Why don’t you ever see crocodiles hiding in trees? Because they’re really good at it.