Police Surveillance Tower

State spying? Public Protection? A quiet place to eat doughnuts?
You decide with this freebie inspired by the towers seen in New York and other US cities.

The original model was an unrigged poser prop, but English Bob has kindly created a CR2 rig which makes this model actually work. To use the working version first download & install the original poser prop. Then download and install English Bob's rig. After installing both files you'll see the working model appear in your Character library.

All the parts of the original model which had a separate group are now moveable: the wheels rotate, the struts and legs pivot, the stabiliser pads raise and lower, the pod door opens and the roof can be moved or made invisible as you prefer to allow a camera to see inside.

Plus master dials situated in the figure's BODY allow quick access to the most frequently used motions: rotate all wheels in unison, raise and lower the tower and pod, extend the struts and lower all the pads.

If you wish to create your own textures, the zip contains coloured templates. Also please note, most police logos are copyrighted and not "publicly usable" like NASA and some military stuff is. So theres no "real world" cop logos on this one. You'll have to add your own.

Thanks to Mr G and helping to create a licence suitable for Look-A-Like/Fan Arts models and obviously Bob for rigging the figure version.

A cop just knocked on my door and told me that my dogs were chasing people on bikes. My dogs don't own bikes