Kitty Kat Kitler Katerpillar Kannon

As we all know, it's our masters, the almighty pussy cats, which really drives the internet.

To avoid the displeasure of a hard feline stare, we homage and respect them with offerings as memes and LOLCats. Though to really gain approval nothing beats the Kitler.

Which for those heathens untrained in the Way of Cat, is a cat with a moustache in the style of a miserable human called Mr Hitler. Cats love Kitlers as it gives them a even more superior air than usual and confirms their control over the humble human.

Sadly not all our masters can be blessed with such glorious facial adornments. Which forces the feeble human to resort to dastardly tricks such as digital imaging, which you'll know if you've tried to photoshop a cat, doesn't usually work very well. Though science is working on ways for shredded human skin to be stuck back to bone.

Moreso when it's 2am, you want to go to bed and your cat is just visible at the end of the garden.

However, I'm pleased to announce the tall can openers have now created a solution....
The actual model is a static poser prop with removable parented prop kork. To set the launch angle, just load the model and adjust the relevant angle using the transdials. Note the render here was done using Reality. The freebie only contains .JPG textures to ensure full compatibility with poser, studio, vue and other apps. To get the same shiny look you'll need to replace all the textures with app specific shaders. Then render using something like a Poser IDL/IBL light set or one of those HDR skydome thingys. Thanks to Diva and a passsing caterpillar for their help. Both where uninjured in the making of this model.

What is a catís favourite color? Purr-ple