Rolling Road

The Rollin' Road is an attempt at modelling an animation concept. Primarily designed to replicate a visual effect as seen in many manga movies and part of the end title sequence in the original Inspector Gadget cartoons. It can also be used for "Little Planet Panoranmic" style images and animations. The idea is very simple, the scenery rolls 360 degrees around the X axis for the duration of the animation. Aka it rolls, while the figure doesn't. Plus theres an option for a rear plate to move upwards to give the impression of a rising horizon, like driving up a hill.
As this approach seems more suited to cartoon style animations and images, the houses and trees have been modelled in a basic 'toon/child like style with a Beano comic like pastel colouring on the houses. While personally I think the idea hasn't quite translated from 2d to 3d as well as hoped, so figured in the right hands it can be improved. So I've released this as a freebie if anyone wants to improve it. Note :This file has been updated: The missing backplate .OBJ has been added and changes made to the instructions.

Why did the turkey cross the road? Because he wasn't chicken