Seasonal Pod

Cunningly disguised as an SteamPunk Xmas Tree decoration. It's how Santa, Old Father Time and New Year Baby get around if Rudolph has had too much mulled wine. Because Santa never drinks and sleighs. This nifty one seater, two if you don't mind sitting on the drivers lap, is first launched by placing the pod near to the edge of a large snow covered cliff. Two elves (other short fantasy races are avaliable) set light to the touchpaper located to the rear of the rockets. Once take off is achieved, a steam engine fueled by last years Xmas trees - so it's all ecologomical - takes over. The engine can accelerate the Pod to speeds in excess of Mach 55, thus giving the illusion the driver is visiting everywhere at once.
If Santa is in charge, the pod can also be used for delivering gifts. Presents are shrunk down to small pellets, intermixed with reindoor pooh and placed into the rear pressy tank, where they are dispensed via the lower spray grid. This grid also adds a tiny bit of fairy-dust, which when combined with air pressure, inflates the gifts to their correct size. The onboard computer system running SantaDos 10 can also detect if someone has been naughty this year and will add an small extra dose of moose-poop, which is why some recipients don't always get the gift they wanted. To ensure maximum capability with a wide range of 3D software, this model is a Poser Prop with external .OBJ. It also loads with a basic texture set (as shown left), so to get results akin to the main image, you'll need to apply your own app unique shaders.

What kind of motorbike does Santa ride? A Holly Davidson