SteamPunk Computer - Red Tape Generator

Those rather beastly Global Cabals have created machines so evil they can drive a grown chap to tears. Devices so secret that a mere mention can result in a severe punishment, such as a darn good slippering from your man servant yes it's the mythical Red Tape Generator!

However despite putting oneself in great peril, even escaping Greater Zulgaria by steam Zeppelin, I have managed to obtain stereographic material with the hope of telling the world of these malicious mechanical monstrosties.
Finished in wood and brass with interior details, the dastardly device you see here is a modern steam powered computer and contains features such as ...

The Pettiness Generator for setting such as small-mind ness and meanness.
The Dumbo-O-Matic for defining stupidity and levels of pointlessness.
The Frustratron to set levels of customer frustration.

Also on this deluxe version, is the B.S.A... The Bull Shot Adder, which comes with a ear trumpet for use with those new fangled telephony and interweb services. Plus a tray with fresh steaming BS.

What do you get if you take your computer to an ice rink? A slipped disk