During our recent hot spell I noticed our vacum cleaner was struggling in the heat. Much like anything else British, which isn't used to anything but rain, the hoover was really huffing, puffing and getting rather hot. Which got me thinking...:)

What if there was a way of re-using the excess heat from the cleaner to do something usefull? The solution... the Mark 1 ToastEVac!
Note the renders here where done using Reality. The freebie only contains .JPG textures to ensure full compatibility with poser, studio, vue and other apps. To get the same shiny look you'll need to replace all the textures (bar the yeast jar label and pipe maps) with app specific shaders. Then render using something like a Poser IDL/IBL light set or one of those HDR skydome thingys.

I've decided to sell my Hoover... well, it was just collecting dust