Toon Train

My largest ever freebie to date. to see what's in this pack, scroll down to the download link.

The Train & Rolling Stock
  Toon Engine The cab is detailed with modelled pipes, levers & dials for closeup shots. Smart mapping means you can change the nameplate quickly with a single .BMP template or easily add a face to the front texture map for Thomas style trains. The ToonTender for the engine comes complete with modelled coal.

1st Class Carriage
Plank Wagon
Milk Tanker
Open Wagon
Guards Van

The Accessories
Level Crossing
Railway Station
2 Trees
4 Fences
Hill & Hill Tunnel

Girder Bridge
Hill & Hill Tunnel
Stone Bridge

The Track
Track 10 & 20 lengths
4 Corner Tracks
2 Points
Points Lever

What do you call a train loaded with toffee? A chew chew train.