Tremblin' Terrors

Inspired by one of those toys that you lick and it springs up, usually when you're licking the rubber base, heres Mr Sparky's freebie for Halloween 2013 - the Tremblin' Terrors!

These 7 horrific little blighters are a collection of traditional horror stuff in a 'toon style, presented as poser (.PP2) props. Including a ghost, mummy, flying batball, happy gravestone, devil, springy eyeball, and Boing the Spider.
5 of the models - the ones with arms - come as seperate versions which are designed to "tremble" when animated. Each of the animatable models are made up of 1 to 3 parts, if each part is set to a slighlty different angle, then looped the model can appear to flap it's arms and body in a fun cartoon horror like way.

What did one ghost say to another ghost? Do you believe in people?